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Сервис оборудования Янпэн

Время: 2022-12-10 Хиты : 6

Вопрос 1
A:What’s your solutions after the machinery has problems
B: Yanpeng provides 24-hour service. If there is a problem with your equipment,you can take videos and pictures, we will ask the engineer for online guidance. If the problem is not solved, we will send engineers to your factory to solve the problem as soon as possible.

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Вопрос 2
A: We are inexperienced,  if we want to buy machinery but cannot operate it, what shall we do?
B: Don't worry, yanpeng's engineers will provide training for your team and guide your team to use the equipment.
Вопрос 3
A: How long is the warranty period?
B:The warranty and guarantee is 12 months after the machine finished installation. During this time,any item proves to be defective and the damage is confirmed by our technicians will send to you free of charge.

Вопрос 4
A:How to install the machinery
B:Before machine delivery, we will help you to work out the machine construct layout drawings.And also foundation drawings. We will providing the machine constructing drawings, circuit diagram,etc.
After you received the machine,we will try to arrange 1-2 engineers coming to help you install this machine. And your should cover Round air tickets, accommodations, transportation in buyers’ country, food, medical care, safety cost, and related cost happens in buyers’ country. Also, you should prepare enough labor, electric wire outside the control panel and tools for installations.

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