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How can nonwoven fabric achieve antibacterial effects produced by spunbond non woven machine in Saudi Arabia/Thailand?

July 27,2023

With the improvement of consumption level and social development, the application of medical and disposable non-woven fabrics in antibacterial packaging materials has entered a rapidly developing and updated state.

Antibacterial medical nonwoven fabrics have gradually entered the disinfection supply centers of various hospitals at all levels as terminal materials;

Disposable antibacterial and sanitary non-woven products have also become popular products among people.

In fact, there is not much difference between the production process of antibacterial non-woven fabric and that of non-woven fabric. Just adding a long-lasting antibacterial plastic masterbatch to the ordinary non-woven fabric production process, and then transforming the ordinary non-woven fabric into a long-lasting antibacterial non-woven fabric.

The addition process is relatively simple and convenient, and can be directly applied by finding suitable addition points for the original non-woven fabric production process without changing it.


Applications of antibacterial nonwoven fabric: medical and sanitary non-woven fabrics - surgical clothes, protective clothing, disinfection packs, masks, diapers, civilian dusters, wiping cloths, wet face towels, magic towels, soft towel rolls, beauty products, sanitary napkins, sanitary pads, disposable sanitary cloths, etc.

As a surgical uniform, it is also a common medical consumable in hospitals. It is a major medical nonwoven fabric produced by non woven fabric making machinery for surgical gown.  Its production requires a dust-free, disinfection-resistant, and sterile foundation in order to be considered qualified. The current requirement is to have antibacterial and comfortable properties.

We also know that surgical gowns made of cotton fabric have a lot of fuzz, large gaps, not only do they not repel water but also absorb water, and most importantly, they cannot resist bacterial contamination. They also have the function of collecting a large amount of bacteria. If that's the case, be extra careful. Due to a slight lack of attention, bacterial infections can endanger the wound. Therefore, it is inevitable that surgical gowns have antibacterial properties in hospitals, and the development of new surgical gowns is also moving towards the elimination of cotton based surgical gowns made by 2.4 meters unwoven fabric making machine.

New types of non-woven surgical gowns have made progress with the technological development of non-woven fabrics. Since the application of antibacterial non-woven fabric technology in the field of medical services, the usage rate of surgical gowns made of antibacterial non-woven fabrics has also been gradually increasing. In the medical industry, the market for disposable products has always held a significant proportion. In this major surgery, disposable surgical gowns are mostly used.

Along with the development of disposable nonwoven surgical gowns made by nonwoven fabric from non woven fabric making machinery for surgical gown,  various durable and long-lasting antibacterial non-woven surgical gowns have also emerged. Nowadays, antibacterial non-woven fabrics, regardless of their type and material, play an important and indispensable role in the market.


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