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Yanpeng Shanghai CINTE23 Successfully Ends

Time : 2023-10-07 Hits : 10

On September 19, 2023, the China International Industrial Textiles and Non woven Fabrics Exhibition (CINTE) opened at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. Yanpeng, with the theme of "Intelligent Manufacturing for a New Future", participated in the exhibition with multiple strategic products that are efficient, energy-saving, safe, and stable.

At the same time, new products, processes, and materials such as ultra precision color printing have also made their debut at the same time. It comprehensively showcases the achievements and leading capabilities of enterprises in digital, intelligent, and green transformation and upgrading.

In recent years, Yanpeng has taken a leading market share in the domestic packaging industry. Currently, it has independently developed and accelerated the promotion of the product "YP-B series high-speed non-woven fabric production line" for high-end medical and sanitary materials in the market. The equipment speed reaches 800m/min, and the fiber fineness can reach 1.3 deniers.
The produced non-woven fabric is as thin as cicada wings and as soft as silk, bringing high-quality new experiences to customers in the medical and sanitary material industry.

Yanpeng adheres to the concept of "reducing the burden on the packaging industry and promoting the growth rate of medical and health development", gradually achieving the comprehensive advancement of high-speed intelligent products. SSMMS3.2, which collaborates with state-owned enterprises, has completed perfect acceptance on August 16, 2023. Other large-scale high-speed production lines, SSMMS2.4 and SSXS3.2, operate well in Guangdong, Wenzhou, and other places.
Yanpeng will continue to play a leading and exemplary role, leading the new direction of industry transformation and upgrading with advanced practices, and work with colleagues to promote high-quality development of the industry to a new level! "Said the chairman in his speech.

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