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What is the characteristics of non-woven fabric!

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non-woven fabrics break through the traditional textile principle, and has the characteristics of short process flow, fast production rate, high output, low cost, wide use, raw material sources and so on.

PP non-woven fabric  is a non-woven fabric made of polypropylene through melting,spinning,mesh laying,bondingcrimping and other processes.Because the process flow is simple and the output is large,it is non-toxic and harmless tohuman body.Therefore,it is widely used in sanitary materials,medical supplies,bedding,sofas,bags,footwear and clothing.Next,we will introduce why we use PP non-woven fabric? PP non-woven fabric has the characteristics of low density,soft texture,loose and plump,non-toxic,breathable,etc. 

After hydrophilic and water repellent modification,it is respectively used for the surface and bottom layer of disposablesanitary products.The product has hydrophilic,water repellent,breathable and other functions,and can be used for baby disposable products such as diapers.


During the preparation of pp non-woven fabric,the extrusion and traction speed are generally kept unchanged,and the fiber diameter is basically kept unchanged.The addition of gram weight is achieved by reducing the speed of mesh laying traction belt.The number of fibers piled up in unit area increases,and the pores between filaments become smaller.The heavier the weight and thickness of pp non-woven fabric  are,the smaller the porosity is,and the worse thepermeability is.With the addition of non-woven fabric weight,the mesh structure becomes more and more dense,and the pores between fibers gradually reduce.When the spinning and drawing conditions are unchanged,the fiber diameter is basically unchanged,the mesh laying traction speed is slowed down,and the number of fibers stacked inunit area is increased.The more densely the polypropylene fiber is stacked,and the thickness of pp non-woven fabric is added,so the larger the weight is,the smaller the pores are.

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