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Nonwoven fabric bags have gradually replaced plastic bags as daily packaging supplies

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Under the requirements of the "plastic restriction order", non-degradable disposable plastic bags have gradually withdrawn from the market. Reusable nonwoven bags have become one of the main substitutes, and are widely used in supermarkets, restaurants, takeaway and other fields. Some local governments have also distributed nonwoven bags with propaganda slogans to the masses.

Non-woven fabrics are made of filaments that are overlapped into a network, with high porosity, good light transmittance, strong moisture permeability, high permeability, non-toxic and non-irritating characteristics; In addition, it can be recycled for many times, degraded or recycled, and has the advantages of lightweight, soft, elastic, corrosion resistant, and washable. Nonwoven fabric have fast production speed, short process flow, low cost, high output, wide source and use of raw materials, and rich colors.

The plastic bags commonly used in daily life are non-degradable, or the degradation life is decades, even hundreds of years.Due to the non-degradable characteristics of ordinary plastic bags, soil and groundwater are polluted. In addition, a complete plastic bag can only be used to hold garbage or directly throw away after carrying goods from the city to the residence, which also has a serious waste problem.The nonwoven shopping bag is sanitary during use and can be recycled for many times; The used nonwoven shopping bag can be degraded or recycled.

In terms of wear resistance, a nonwoven shopping bag is equivalent to dozens of ordinary polyethylene plastic bags.Nonwoven fabric bags produced with natural fiber or degradable fiber can meet the requirements of economy. If polyamide fiber is added in the production of nonwoven fabrics, it can make them have better bearing capacity and properties.

In addition, the nonwoven fabric bag after processing such as water and oil repellency, antibacterial and easy decontamination is not easy to be contaminated by water and oil, and has antibacterial properties. It is also convenient to clean when necessary. The folded shopping bag is small in size, easy to carry and store, and meets the requirements of repeated use.

Generally, 80 gsm of nonwoven fabric is enough for ordinary silk screen nonwoven bag, and 110 gsm of film-coated nonwoven fabric bag is enough. At the same time, we should also pay attention to the non-woven fabric bag customized with regular size, and also need to understand how to make non-woven fabric bag customized without loss, so as not to make the bag not so ideal.

Zhejiang Yanpeng Nonwoven Machinery Co.,Ltd is a professional manufacturer of nonwoven fabric production line which engaged in development and production for many years. Our company has focused on making nonwoven production line since 2008, We can provide customized single S, SS ,SSS spunbond nonwoven production line,SSMS, SMMS SMS spunmelt (spunbond & meltblown) production lines,and other PP,PET/PLA, BiCo spunbond production line to our customers.  

Yanpeng people will continue to be dedicated to the development of non-woven equipment and related products.We sincerely want to return our customers with cost-effective products and best service.  

Our polypropylene(PP) spunbond nonwoven equipment is constantly updated after years of production practice, which makes the design of non-woven fabric production line more perfect and the operation easier.Our equipment is constantly improving. Our equipment is constantly improving, under the premise of complete specifications, superior performance, excellent quality and beautiful color, it can also add recycled material and filling to reduce the cost of products.

Yanpeng company adheres to the business philosophy of "customer first and forge ahead", adheres to the principle of "customer first", and returns every customer who trusts us with Cost-effective equipment and high-quality service.

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