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Crossing the Ocean to Meet You The November Non woven Fabric Exhibition is about to open around the world! The focus of the entire audience is on Yanpeng!

Time : 2023-11-24 Hits : 11

Yanpenghas firm confidence and direction in high-quality development, and has focused on high-end innovation in recent years, daring to lead; Focusing on industrial upgrading, actively carrying out digital and intelligent transformation of non-woven machinery; Continuously developing environmentally friendly strategic products, adhering to green and sustainable development; Focus on building core competitiveness, focus on improving quality and efficiency, and promote high-quality development.


Zhejiang Yanpeng, the most influential nonwoven machinery brand in China, will show its achievements and amaze the rubber and plastic nonwoven fabric exhibitions in Mexico, Türkiye and Shanghai, China. We sincerely invite you to attend our exhibition!
Sincerely welcome to visit our booth and let's discuss how to optimize your non-woven fabric supply chain, provide you with customized non-woven fabric industry solutions, plan capital investment in advance, and welcome the new era of consumer innovation and industry transformation.

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