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Could the double s nonwoven fabric making machine produce nonwoven fabric for packaging?

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In the past three years, when people think of  non-woven fabrics, most people will immediately think of non-woven masks. Because the COVID-19 has swept the world, masks have become a necessity for everyone's life. However, after more than a hundred years of development,non-woven fabrics  have been widely used in addition to the well-known non-woven masks due to their advantages of good strength, breathability, waterproofing, environmental protection, flexibility, and high cost-effectiveness.

Non woven fabrics  used as packaging materials are generally light, thin, and soft in texture, and can also be treated with anti-static agents, providing good protection. Commonly used in daily life as packaging for shoes, clothing, accessories, and electronic products, and in industry as packaging for hardware, building materials, and precision instruments.
In general, we recommend using double s nonwoven fabric making machine to produce lightweight and soft non-woven fabrics. Double s nonwoven fabric making machine has a fast speed and higher output than S nonwoven fabric making machine.

2.Wine packaging bags
With the development of the economy and the improvement of living standards, China's beverage industry has developed rapidly, and the beverage packaging industry has also shown a diversified trend, breaking the previous monopoly of the single glass container market. Materials such as metal, plastic, and paper have been applied to beverage packaging, and non-woven fabric packaging tote bags have made their debut.
In general, customers choose non-woven fabrics produced by S nonwoven machine as non-woven tote bags. The non-woven handbag made will also be more three-dimensional and beautiful.

3.Catering packaging bag
This use is more common in China, and a large number of catering chain brands use non-woven takeout bags in the market. However, in some developed areas where water resources are not so abundant, non-woven tablecloths, non-woven tablecloths, and non-woven tableware mats are very popular, waterproof, oil-resistant, and disposable, hygienic and convenient. Gradually in Southeast Asia, takeout bags have become a popular trend.

4.Agricultural non-woven fabric
In some developed countries in Europe,non-woven fabrics  are often used as grass and cold resistant fabrics for crops. Compared to traditional plastic films, they are waterproof and breathable, more crop friendly, biodegradable, and very environmentally friendly.
In recent years, non-woven cold resistant fabrics have gradually become popular in citrus growing areas such as Sichuan and Guangxi in China, playing an increasingly important role in preventing grass, cold, and insect pests in fruit and vegetable cultivation.

5.Medical industry non-woven fabric
Medical  non-woven fabrics  are not only used as masks, but also as surgical gowns, protective clothing, headsets, shoe covers, disinfection bags, nursing pads, dental bed sheets, etc. Sanitary non-woven fabricsare commonly used as women's sanitary napkins, sanitary pads, baby diapers, adult diapers, face towels, etc.

Zhejiang Yanpeng Nonwoven Machinery Co.,Ltd is a professional manufacturer of nonwoven fabric production line which engaged in development and production for many years. Our company has focused on making nonwoven production line since 2008, We can provide customized single S, SS ,SSS spunbond nonwoven production line,SSMS, SMMS SMS spunmelt (spunbond & meltblown) production lines,and other PP,PET/PLA Biodegradable non woven machine, BiCo spunbond production line to our customers.  
Yanpeng people will continue to be dedicated to the development of non-woven equipment and related products.We sincerely want to return our customers with cost-effective products and best service.  
Our polypropylene(PP) spunbond nonwoven equipment is constantly updated after years of production practice, which makes the design of non-woven fabric production line more perfect and the operation easier.Our equipment is constantly improving. Our equipment is constantly improving, under the premise of complete specifications, superior performance, excellent quality and beautiful color, it can also add recycled material and filling to reduce the cost of products.
Yanpeng company adheres to the business philosophy of "customer first and forge ahead", adheres to the principle of "customer first", and returns every customer who trusts us with Cost-effective equipment and high-quality service.

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